Chartist at Labour Connected

The consensus around the need for a new economics rising from the ashes of the coronavirus-induced recession is overwhelming. But, despite all the talk, it still fails to provide proper purchase in our political institutions. The problem is that the limited form of democracy we have in the UK was not designed for the task of bringing about change: the maintenance of the status quo is its prime consideration. With a legacy of ten years of austerity, the global climate crisis, Brexit and now Covid-19 we need transformative politics. If we want a green new deal and a new economy, more closely aligned with the interests of the many rather than the few, then we will also have to fight for a new democracy.  Join this discussion, hosted by Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform, to hear what needs to be done to bring about radical change.

Click on the link below at 6pm to enter LCER’s Zoom room. 

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