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Playing politics with race

Puru Miah on the perils of triangulation

Dismantle institutional racism

Unmesh Desai says that while the removal of monuments is important, it should not obscure action on racism and inequality

Antisemitism payout pre-empts legal enquiry

Don Flynn on legal battles and political expediency: how Labour’s standing as an anti-racist party is being compromised

The hustler’s guide on how not to tackle racism

Puru Miah says the Johnson race commission is part of a deliberate policy to avoid taking action against racism

Ending invisibility

Helen Hayes on the Windrush scandal and reforming the history curriculum

United States in flames at racist killling

Don Flynn reports on the police violence and the uprisings of the people

Defeating the far right

Unmesh Desai explains how London United can mobilise nationally London United (LU) was formally launched at the 2019...

The people deserve a say on deal or stay

Brexit will stoke racism, especially against BAME EU migrants says Rupa Huq The news in early December...

British black lives matter

Patrick Vernon on learning the lessons from the Windrush scandal as part of the history of Black struggle in Britain

Revived Anti Nazi League on the agenda

Trevor Fisher on the threat from the far right When John McDonnell called for a new movement against the growing far right threat in early...