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Hitting out beyond the ‘set’ boundary: racism and cricket

Azeem Rafiq’s courageous testimony on his experiences of racism in the British game has ignited fresh examination of institutional racism, but will it lead to real change?, asks Puru Miah

Make misogyny a hate crime

In the wake of the brutal murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa, Sabia Kamali calls for safe spaces and effective action against racism and sexism

Time to stand up for Roma people

Julie Ward reports on anti-Roma racism in the North East

Black children still underachieving

Bernard Coard argues that racism and discrimination still run deep in the British education system

Government gaslighting

Andy Gregg says race report takes blaming the victim to a new level

Growing the Squad to fight climate change

Professor Jennie C. Stephens explains why antiracist and feminist leadership must play a vital role in mitigating the climate crisis

Remember the Roma

Julie Ward on fighting racism and antisemitism yesterday and today

Fight Snub

Patrick Mulcahy on a moment of hope and expectation

UK Black experience matters

Robbie Scott says we can’t allow Johnson’s government to sideline BLM issues

Confronting prejudice in the Labour Party

A Labour report should spur action against Islamophobia, says Puru Miah

Playing politics with race

Puru Miah on the perils of triangulation