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School curriculum – a multicultural past

Former teachers Dave Lister and Mike Davis reflect on different times

Playing politics with race

Puru Miah on the perils of triangulation

Women in coronavirus firing line

Alice Arkwright sees a roll-back of gender equality in Covid-19 crisis

National Windrush Day and beyond

Make this the first step in a mass campaign for migrant rights!

The hustler’s guide on how not to tackle racism

Puru Miah says the Johnson race commission is part of a deliberate policy to avoid taking action against racism

When black lives don’t matter

The recent Public Health England report on the impact of Covid-19 on Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities contains no action plan and sidesteps equalities law, says Puru Miah

United States in flames at racist killling

Don Flynn reports on the police violence and the uprisings of the people

A Covid New World of ever-growing inequality

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the UK, Puru Miah reports how inequality and racism is seeing Covid-19 hit the Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities hardest of all

Ethnic minorities under Brexit cosh

Kimberly McIntosh reports Brexit will be harsh for BAME communities When we’re talking about Brexit, the phrase...