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When the centre cannot hold

The centrist consensus is breaking up, accelerated by Brexit. Don Flynn says Labour too needs to be ready to ‘move quickly and smash things’

Closing the democratic deficit 

Cat Smith welcomes the 30th October Westminster Hall discussion on proportional representation and calls for real change by government

Making all votes count

While 76% of Labour voters support PR, Alena Ivanova asks whether members are willing to back a progressive Labour-led coalition

2018: a year for celebrating and changing our Democracy?

On the 100th anniversary of female (limited) suffrage Mary Southcott surveys the advances and limits of democracy in Britain Two words we should love and...

Labour, republicanism and the Commonwealth of Britain Bill

Republican Socialist Alliance seminar February 22nd 2014 Demonised in life, patronized in death, such is the fate of Tony Benn whose death on 14th March...