TTIP campaign update | events & info

The prospects of a disastrous EU-US trade ( TTIP ) deal have been given some attention in Brussels this week. The pan-European public sector trade union grouping EPSU have published some leaked documents as to its profound impact on the public services of EU member states. Please go to Chartist’s TTIP page for more information about TTIP and the burgeoning campaign of resistance against it.


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There are a number of campaign events taking place across Europe including in Brussels and a hugely important 4 days of staged events by War on Want from 8th to 12th July.
If you were under any illusions that this TTIP campaign was simply some typical griping over the technical problems of yet another trade deal, YOU WERE WRONG. THIS IS HUGELY IMPORTANT AND HAS ENORMOUS IMPLICATIONS FOR PUBLIC SERVICES AND THE RULE OF LAW IN EUROPE.