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Chartist is the bi-monthly political magazine of the democratic left. In honouring the Chartists of the 19th century, our idea of democratic socialism is as much about the political movement and means of mobilisation used to advance political ideas as it is about the ideas themselves. Chartist seeks to provide a space for those who subscribe to this broad ideal.

Editorial policy

The editorial policy of Chartist is to promote debate amongst people active in radical politics about the contemporary relevance of democratic socialism across the spectrum of politics, economics, science, philosophy, art, interpersonal relations – in short, the whole realm of social life. Our concern is with both democracy and socialism. The history of the last century has made it abundantly clear that people in advanced capitalist societies will have no interest in any form of socialism which is not thoroughly democratic in its principles, its practices, its morality and its ideals. Yet the consequences of this deep attachment to democracy – one of the greatest advances of our epoch – are seldom reflected in the discussion and debates among active socialists. Chartist is not a party publication. It brings together people who are interested in socialism, some of whom are active in the Labour Party and the trade union movement. It seeks to deepen and extend a dialogue with all those on the political left and with activists from other movements involved in the struggle to find democratic alternatives to the oppression, exploitation and injustices of capitalism and class society.


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Editorial Board

Chartist is published six times a year by the Chartist Collective. The magazine is produced by an Editorial Board consisting of:

Victor Anderson
Duncan Bowie (reviews)
Keir Dhillon (web editor)
Peter Chalk
Andrew Coates
Karen Constantine
Patricia d’Ardenne
Mike Davis (editor)
Nigel Doggett
Don Flynn
Roger Gillham
Hassan Hoque
Peter Kenyon
Dave Lister
Patrick Mulcahy
Sheila Osmanovic
Robbie Scott
Mary Southcott
Julie Ward

Production: Ferdousur Rehman

Signed articles do not necessarily represent the views of the Editorial Board.

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