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CHARTIST 287 – July/August 2017 

In 287 Chartist Examines the 2017 General Election Result and looks at what the future might hold.








CHARTIST 286 – March/April 2017

In 286 Chartist Examines Labour’s electoral chances and Jeremy Corbyn’s growing popularity.








CHARTIST 285  – March/April 2017

In 285 Chartist examines the growing NHS Crisis and internal Labour Party politics.








CHARTIST 284  – January/February 2017

In 284 Chartist talks Trump, May and the rise of Populism.








CHARTIST 283  – November/December 2016

In 283 Chartist whacks Brexit, May and anti-migrant politics.









CHARTIST 282  – September/October 2016

In Chartist 282 Labour’s uncivil war is addressed in a number of articles in time for Labour conference. Brexit also features prominently as does articles by Prem Sikka, Frank Lee and our usual regulars.









CHARTIST 281  – July/August 2016

In Chartist 281 we sift through the ruins of Brexit and a swathe of other issues including tax by Prem Sikka, Housing by Robin Hambleton and Frank Lee of political propaganda.








CHARTIST 280  -May/June 2016

Chartist 280 cover


CHARTIST 279  -March/April 2016

This month we Chartist has articles on the Bernie-fication of American politics, Brexit, the junior doctors strike plus two MP’s pen some good un’s for us.










CHARTIST 278 – January/February 2016

Articles on Syria by Nia Griffiths MP, Westminster by Clive lewis MP, local government by Alice Perry, Tax and Austerity by Prem Sikka, extremism by Tehmina Kazi plus all our usual regulars.

Chartist 278 cover



CHARTIST 277 – November /December 2015

Articles on migration by Don Flynn, Greece by Marina Prentoulis, the EU by Jude Kirton-Darling MEP, Wendy Pettifer on legal aid and our usual fill of Reviews, Points and Crossings and Greenwatch.

Chartist 277








CHARTIST 276 – September/October 2015

Articles on TTIP, the refugee crisis, Greece and Corbynisation of the Labour party and Dave Prentis of Unison on the Tories unbridled attack on workers’ human rights. Full PDF version available in a few weeks.

276 front cover

CHARTIST 275 – July/August 2015

Articles from Cat Smith, John Palmer, Rachel Robinson and Peter Hain.

CHARTIST 274 – May/June 2015

Articles from Ann Pettifor, Prem Sikka, Peter Kenyon, Marina Prentoulis and Frances O’Grady of the TUC.

Chartist 274 cover

CHARTIST 273 – March/April 2015

Articles from Peter Kenyon, Cat Smith, Patricia d’Ardenne, Marina Prentoulis and Don Flynn.

Chartist 273 Cover





CHARTIST 272 – January/February 2015

Articles from Ann Pettifor, Claude Moraes MEP, Patricia d’Ardenne, Prem Sikka and Sue Goss.

Chartist 272 Front cover









CHARTIST 271 – November/ December 2014

The new issue of Chartist has been released with articles on Palestine by Richard Burden MP, The middle east by Tehmina Kazi and Sheila Osmanovic and Peter Kenyon on one of Labour’s Eds weighing Labour down

Chartist 271

CHARTIST 270 – September/ October 2014

Prem Sikka on unitary taxation, Gerry Hassan, Maria Fyfe on Scotland, Peter Kenyon on Labour, Paul Nowak on workers’ need for a pay rise, and Lucy Anderson MEP on our European home.

Chartist 270 front cover

CHARTIST 269 – July/August 2014

Frank Lee and Sheila Osmanovic on Ukraine, Don Flynn on immigration, Dot Lewis on South Africa, Patrick Gray on the Co-op Bank and Co-ops and David Lister on Birmingham school.

Chartist 269 cover





CHARTIST 268 – May/June 2014

John Palmer on the EU, Paul Teasdale on Scottish independence, Prem Sikka on Banking and banksters, Frank Lee on Ukraine and Lib Peck on Co-operative councils.

chartist magazine 268






CHARTIST 267 – March/April 2014

Katy Clark MP on Labour, Dot Lewis, Steve Freeman, Don Flynn on immigration, Julia Wickham on Syria.

Chartist 267 cover 2


CHARTIST 266 – January/February 2014

√Čric Toussaint, Janet Williamson of the TUC, Michael Meacher MP and much more.

266 cover



CHARTIST 265 – November/December 2013

Cat Smith, Keith Ewing, Christine Blower, Sasha Simic and Gaye Johnston.
Chartist 265 cover


CHARTIST 264 – September/October 2013

Andy Morton, Greg Barnes,  Philip Whyman and Mark Baimbridge and Franziska Brantner MEP.
264 cover

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