Women bear the brunt

While the cost of living crisis is hitting most people, Alice Arkwright looks at how it will hit women hardest

Starmer’s imprint on Labour

Eric Shaw on why rule changes and bans have not enabled Starmer’s star to shine

Dropping the pilot

As Boris Johnson and chancellor Sunak receive police fines for Covid law-breaking, Trevor Fisher wonders if Labour can capitalise

Not all in this together

Colin Lawson finds the chancellor’s spring statement inflicts more pain

Why is it so difficult to talk about China?

Jenny Clegg proposes it is time to not just talk about, but also to, China

Plan for green lifestyles

Camilla Ween on why planning policy has to change

New German progressive coalition

Udo Bullmann sees a new era of progress for Germany and Europe

Illegal and inhumane

Don Flynn says Priti Patel’s Rwanda scheme is just another day on the Culture War frontline

Hong Kong workers under fire

Sacha Ismail says solidarity with beleaguered Hong Kong and Chinese workers is key

Changing whose history?

Andy Gregg welcomes the acquittal of the Colston Four, finding double standards at the heart of Tory culture wars and planned attacks on judicial rights

Biodiversity is political

As we approach COP15, Victor Anderson calls for action on biodiversity, the other environmental crisis

Russian forces put Ukrainian local democracy under the hammer

Responding to the evidence of abduction and murder of Ukrainian mayors and local democracy activists, a group of UK mayors and councillors have issued an appeal for solidarity. Don Flynn reports