Uxbridge not a bellwether

In the wake of the Uxbridge by-election Bryn Jones says Labour’s wobbling on green policies will not win it any votes

Driscoll affair echoes Livingstone

Will Jamie Driscoll’s departure be a repeat of the Livingstone London mayor fiasco? asks Trevor Fisher

Labour’s National Policy Forum must back proportional representation

The vast majority of CLPs support it, as do two-thirds of affiliated trade unions. So, will the NPF accept the case for PR? Maximilian Czekalski explains why it should

Consult Monbiot, not Blair 

Trevor Fisher argues divided parties lose elections. Labour’s purging of the left and dangerous swing to factionalism could unravel its chances of success

Inhumane and illegal: the scandal of Manston

Karen Constantine explains how the Tories waste money and then blame immigrants

What, no majority?

In digging deeper into the local election results, Trevor Fisher finds Labour still short of the elusive majority and points to a lesson from Harold Wilson

No time to stay silent

Margaret Owen asks why Starmer is ignoring the obvious ways to win the women’s vote

King Charles’s avatar?

Bryn Jones on Keir Starmer and the deference of opposition

Fairy tale spectacle to mask the Crown’s power

Phil Vellender and Steve Freeman on the coronation spectacle designed to cloak and revitalise an institution derived from robbery and anti-democratic traditions

Starmer’s crime mission falls short

Trevor Fisher tracked Starmer down in Stoke to hear a lacklustre personal appeal

What does Labour say on Europe now?

With Rishi Sunak apparently increasingly walking off with Keir Starmer's Brexit policy, how does Labour position itself on Europe now? asks Denis MacShane.