Forde Report needs action

In July, the long-delayed Forde Report on accusations of racism, bullying and sexism within the Labour Party was finally released. Peter Rowlands asks why the two-year delay, and calls for Starmer to restore internal party democracy and take action on wider racism

Red Wall politics

Trevor Fisher says heaping all blame on Jeremy Corbyn misses his strengths, fails to understand the challenges and hobbles Starmer’s aims

Political instability beckons in France as Macron loses majority

The  shadow of the far-right hangs over advances for the left alliance in the French parliamentary elections, writes Andrew Coates

Government abandons disabled while leaseholders languish

Dermot McKibbin reports on the Commons select committee criticism of Government on changes in approach to fire safety issues

A Jubilee, or a mask for anarchy?

Once the Jubilee bunting has gone to landfill, the British monarchy will have to face many awkward questions - including its role in colonialism and the slave trade. At root, however, is the issue of democracy, say Phil Vellender and Steve Freeman

Return of the left in France?

Andrew Coates sees an unprecedented left unity in the third round of the French elections

No Labour breakthrough in local elections

With Labour making only 22 gains in England, Starmer’s strategy is failing, says Peter Rowlands

Under the myth of ‘long Corbynism’

Trevor Fisher argues Keir Starmer is trapped in a Westminster bubble while trampling on member democracy

Democracy – you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. . .

Three changes to the law last week mean democracy in the UK is now hanging by a thread, says Don Flynn

London takes lead on clean air

Will Sadiq Khan rise to the Climate Emergency challenge, asks Tim Root?

What would Orwell say?

Socialists must be unequivocal in their defence of democracy against authoritarianism, says Bryn Jones, who looks at parallels between the Spanish Civil War and Putin’s war on Ukraine

Gogglebox and what polling shows

Trevor Fisher says Labour would be foolish to take much from current opinion poll figures and voices concerns of a return to New Labour mark II