Beautiful mind games

Patrick Mulcahy on the need for leaders who are authentic, emotional and acknowledge their background

Pariah state

As the Wagner mercenary leader takes refuge in Belarus, Duncan Bowie reviews a timely study of a nation that took the Putin road

We have to talk about capitalism

The sense that the system which has dominated most the world for the past four centuries is in deep crisis is now widespread. Don Flynn says the question is, do we save it, or scrap it? 

Not the type

Patrick Mulcahy on Reality and leaks 

Understanding our fear of others

Mike Davis on a brilliant exposé of inhumanity 

Sectioned in the 1980s

Patrick Mulcahy on Blue Jean

Right-wing populism, Latin-style

Mike Davis on the rise of Bolsonaro 

Enforcers for the bourgeoisie

As Italy swings to the far right, Phil Vellender discusses a timely history of Italian fascism

Life after consumerism

Duncan Bowie on an historian’s manifesto


Patrick Mulcahy on Mendes’ Margate on screen

Pleasure a by-product of his artistry

Patrick Mulcahy remembers Jean-Luc Godard

Don’t overreact to China

How should western socialists react to the rise of China? Chartist spoke to leading activist Lijia Zhang