Democratic Reform

Feudalism First!

time to abolish the ball and chain that’s the House of Lords

The Class of 24

Prospective Labour MPs moving towards the general election (2024/5)

Citizens’ Assemblies – why not ?

Victor Anderson takes a sceptical look at demands for Citizens’ Assemblies

The Untold Tale of How and Why Britain has First Past the Post

The constitution does not exist for the benefit of parties, but of citizens. John Stuart Mill Introduction It is sometimes thought that Britain's use of First Past...

Labour’s National Policy Forum must back proportional representation

The vast majority of CLPs support it, as do two-thirds of affiliated trade unions. So, will the NPF accept the case for PR? Maximilian Czekalski explains why it should

King Charles’s avatar?

Bryn Jones on Keir Starmer and the deference of opposition

Massive democratic deficit not answered

Paul Salveson on Brown's inadequate response to over-centralised UK 

Time to ditch outdated voting system

As Tories draw from US Republican playbook, Cat Smith counters with her bill to adopt PR

Onwards to a Tory-free future

Peter Kenyon says unions need to recognise the benefits of electoral reform go hand in hand with a New Deal for Working People

Working hard to avoid talking about PR 

Lords abolition plan cannot marginalise the fundamental democratic change that is electoral reform, says Don Flynn

Labour’s momentous decision to drop first-past-the-post

Mary Southcott reports on the immediate past and the hoped-for future of our voting system

On the road to electoral reform

Trade unions are moving for change, reports Mary Southcott

A Unison voice for change

Aileen McLoughlin speaks out

Unite the Union backs PR

Adam Herriott explains the campaign inside the union

We need PR at Westminster for Labour councillors everywhere

Proportional Representation at general elections would, in turn, revitalise local government, says Karen Constantine

Democracy – you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. . .

Three changes to the law last week mean democracy in the UK is now hanging by a thread, says Don Flynn