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Trevor Fisher is editor of progressivereaders.co.uk and a member of Stafford CLP.

Red Wall politics

Trevor Fisher says heaping all blame on Jeremy Corbyn misses his strengths, fails to understand the challenges and hobbles Starmer’s aims

Under the myth of ‘long Corbynism’

Trevor Fisher argues Keir Starmer is trapped in a Westminster bubble while trampling on member democracy

Dropping the pilot

As Boris Johnson and chancellor Sunak receive police fines for Covid law-breaking, Trevor Fisher wonders if Labour can capitalise

Gogglebox and what polling shows

Trevor Fisher says Labour would be foolish to take much from current opinion poll figures and voices concerns of a return to New Labour mark II

Is Starmer’s Labour centre-right?

A rightwards lurch to appeal to Tory voters would be electoral suicide, argues Trevor Fisher

Tories on a victory march?

Labour must prepare for an early general election by opening candidate selection now, writes Trevor Fisher

Johnson tax plans challenge Labour

The high-risk Johnson tax rises combined with the Cabinet reshuffle make an early election more possible. Labour needs to prepare by setting in motion the selection of parliamentary candidates, says Trevor Fisher

The policy maze

Trevor Fisher finds a huge credibility gap at the heart of Labour’s policy-making process

Progressive alliance: Lego-brick policies

Trevor Fisher argues that the quest for an alliance of anti-Tory parties is fraught with dangers

Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the spirit

Trevor Fisher says beware dreamers and false hopes for the future

Johnson’s own goal

Trevor Fisher on the contradictions between policies on pubs and pitches