Trevor Fisher

Trevor Fisher
Trevor Fisher is a member of Stafford CLP.
Liverpool supporters at Anfield

Football’s political game of thrones

Public safety is taking a back seat as the rich clubs and government ministers thrash out a plan to get the Premier League show back on the road.

The unavoidable first battle of Trump Toryism

Trevor Fisher warns the Johnson threat to our constitution is the battle of 2020

E. P. Thompson and the class issue

Trevor Fisher on the continued relevance of The Making of the English Working Class

What we need is rationing

Trevor Fisher fears a genuine shortage of essentials is coming

Broad front against Johnson

Labour clarity on opposing Brexit is needed, says Trevor Fisher, in assessing the threat of a Johnson premiership and Labour Brexit rebels
Enoch Power on the television in 1979

Enoch Powell’s revenge

Trevor Fisher on the toppling of Tory Prime Ministers

Options for Anti-Brexiteers

Following March 27th's indicative vote, when 268 MPs voted for a fresh referendum, Trevor Fisher highlights some of the key issues...

March 29th and Brexit Endgame

Trevor Fisher says no other options will mean anything unless Parliament extends Article 50 February 14th's Valentine's Day...

Brexit means a return to 1974

Mike Davis is right to argue a general election is unlikely and a referendum more feasible. But the timings make either or...

When Brexit loses its majority

Trevor Fisher on the crossover point Early in January, Britain will switch from a pro-Brexit to an anti-Brexit country....

Revived Anti Nazi League on the agenda

Trevor Fisher on the threat from the far right When John McDonnell called for a new movement against the growing far right threat in early...