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Bryn Jones is a visiting lecturer at the University of Bath and co-editor of Alternatives to Neoliberalism: Towards Equality and Democracy (Policy Press). hssbj@bath.ac.uk

Could corona kill off global capitalism?

Bryn Jones sees parallels between the film Parasite and the destructive subversion of globalisation by Covid-19

Johnson’s economic populism

Bryn Jones finds the Tories' adaptation to state intervention is an opportunity for a Labour counter-offensive

Can Labour control corporate power?

Bryn Jones sees limitations in Labour’s worker director model

What price a People’s Vote? 

Bryn Jones fears another referendum could lead to electoral defeat for Labour Judging by my email inbox, the case for a second referendum on EU...

Democratisation odyssey continues

Bryn Jones gives two cheers for McDonnell’s democracy plans, warns of Brexit implications but finds fudges on Labour internal democracy at Conference Labour’s new commitment...

Carillion crash and capitalist fairy tales

As Carillion, Capita, Virgin Trains and others hit the buffers Bryn Jones makes the case for ‘re-sourcing’ public sector outsourcing The collapse of the PFI-peddling...

All aboard: worker directors or social accountability? 

As the Tories ditch any practical steps to workplace democracy Bryn Jones surveys earlier Labour ideas, the German model and proposes some steps for Corbyn.  Are the...