Demise of Empire State Britain

Gerry Hassan with eleven takes on the SNP, Labour, independence and the problem of the British state

Labour winning in Wales

Peter Rowlands gets behind the success of Mark Drakeford’s Welsh Labour

Bristol One City

Can local leadership advance post Covid-19 social justice? Marvin Rees and Robin Hambleton draw lessons from the experiences of local people delivering the Bristol One City Approach

Divided Britain – Starmer failing to meet the challenge

The vaccine rollout is this government's one saving grace - but nothing can disguise one of the worst Covid death rates in the world. Is Starmer up to the task of uniting Labour to defeat the Tories?

Getting beyond the fragments – again

Don Flynn dissects two important contributions on Labour’s future

On the side of democracy

Tory voter suppression versus democracy - Labour needs to take a leap of faith, says Mary Southcott

Release Josu Urrutikoetxea

Bob Newland on an imprisoned Basque veteran

Spain’s socialists in the vanguard of change

Juan Fernando López Aguilar on the achievements of Spanish socialists before, during and since the Franco regime

Progressive alliance: Lego-brick policies

Trevor Fisher argues that the quest for an alliance of anti-Tory parties is fraught with dangers

Which way for railways?

Paul Salveson on more leisure travel and halting HS2

Left populism: learning from the past, preparing for the future

Marina Prentoulis outlines key arguments and lessons for socialist strategy to be drawn from Spain, Greece and the Corbyn experience

A young person’s priority

Ewan Wadd on why we need a representative parliament

Government power grab

Cat Smith slams government’s one-size-fits-all boundary review approach