Transport: Back to Square One ?

A way out of rail turmoil and the prospect of an orgy of road building

Beyond Farage-Trump & Ukraine’s betrayal

Trump takeover of the Republican Party and Democrat misreadings

“If you stand for nothing, you’ll stand for anything”

People are hungry for change so why stick with ever changing Tory fiscal rules. The Green New Deal should be beacon of hope.

End the carnage – permanent ceasefire now

End the carnage – permanent ceasefire now

A New Africa

As disenchantment with neoliberal democracy, arrested economic growth and a new wave of military coups spreads across the continent, Africa’s immediate future looks grim

Gaza Palestinians Facing Genocide

Chartist asked prominent Palestinian writer and activist Sumud for brief comments on the Israeli onslaught Why a permanent ceasefire? It is not happening whichever spelling we...

Taming Big Tech: New Battle Lines, New Strategies

Sunak’s "hands off" approach and the strengthening of corporate hegemony over our lives

Food for Life?

ultra-processed food and makers’ profiteering are today’s big health scandal
New Democracy Supplement

Uxbridge not a bellwether

In the wake of the Uxbridge by-election Bryn Jones says Labour’s wobbling on green policies will not win it any votes

Driscoll affair echoes Livingstone

Will Jamie Driscoll’s departure be a repeat of the Livingstone London mayor fiasco? asks Trevor Fisher

Labour’s National Policy Forum must back proportional representation

The vast majority of CLPs support it, as do two-thirds of affiliated trade unions. So, will the NPF accept the case for PR? Maximilian Czekalski explains why it should

No time to stay silent

Margaret Owen asks why Starmer is ignoring the obvious ways to win the women’s vote

Painful Listening on Covid

Covid-19 Inquiry

Bad taste after Dubai COP28

Dave Toke on blah, blah, blah

Ukrainian trade unions resilience and resistance

PCS-led delegation to the trade union congress in Kyiv

State of emergency

Andy McDonald on the lies that hide the truth of unequal Britain