Where is Labour going?

Where is Labour going

Equality now!

Review - The Inequality of Wealth: Why it Matters and How to Fix It by Liam Byrne

Vote Labour

Boldness must be the key to change

Starmer Scrap the Cap

scrap the cap

Georgia at the crossroads

Georgia at the crossroads

Worker’s new deal in first 100 days

Labour’s plan for workers could be transformative
New Democracy Supplement

Uxbridge not a bellwether

In the wake of the Uxbridge by-election Bryn Jones says Labour’s wobbling on green policies will not win it any votes

Driscoll affair echoes Livingstone

Will Jamie Driscoll’s departure be a repeat of the Livingstone London mayor fiasco? asks Trevor Fisher

Labour’s National Policy Forum must back proportional representation

The vast majority of CLPs support it, as do two-thirds of affiliated trade unions. So, will the NPF accept the case for PR? Maximilian Czekalski explains why it should

No time to stay silent

Margaret Owen asks why Starmer is ignoring the obvious ways to win the women’s vote

Equality and the left

A Brief Global History of the Left

What did you expect

Don Flynn on Migration Policy Review : Human Migration and the Refugee Crisis - Origins and Global Impact by Eliot Dickinson published Bloomsbury Academic Anyone interested...

Our International History 8

Moses Hess: Communist and Proto-Zionist

Sexual assault and what’s wrong with Parliament

Sexual assault and Parliament