Israel apartheid regime

In the wake of the murder of Shireen Abu Akleh and further illegal settlements, Ben Jamal says anti-racists  must resist Tory complicity

Playing liar’s poker with Ukraine

Glyn Ford on dangerous echoes of Korea and proxy war

What does Labour stand for?

Ann Black bemoans the lack of vision and reminds us how policy can be developed

Made in Britain crisis

With the biggest fall in living standards since the 1950s, soaring prices for petrol and food and inflation near 10%, Tory Britain is falling apart. What is Labour waiting for?

Don’t underestimate Tories

Tom Miller says the May local elections were bad for the Tories, but saw no Labour surge

On the road to electoral reform

Trade unions are moving for change, reports Mary Southcott

Bonkers and immoral

Duncan Bowie on the Tories’ latest wheeze to reduce social housing

Don’t mention Irish unity

Geoff Bell says election results underline the decline of unionism and why Labour must change

Forde Report needs action

In July, the long-delayed Forde Report on accusations of racism, bullying and sexism within the Labour Party was finally released. Peter Rowlands asks why the two-year delay, and calls for Starmer to restore internal party democracy and take action on wider racism

Generation Rent – the cost-of-greed crisis

Poppy Pendelino says it's becoming impossible for young people to rent on average incomes

Oxford and party leaders

Duncan Bowie on two excruciating books

Great British Railways – where shall we put it?

Paul Salveson on the danger of ending up with the worst of both worlds

A Unison voice for change

Aileen McLoughlin speaks out