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New times, old delusions

Dave Lister on simplistic internationalism

Covid hits Palestinians hard

Sybil Cock on a report that brands Israel an apartheid state

Wales and the Scotland factor

Peter Rowlands says Welsh Labour face a tough contest in forthcoming elections

NHS on the table

Despite a recent statement from the Health secretary, Jan Savage sees plenty of scope for further NHS sell-offs in trade deals

PR must be new normal

Mark Serwotka says government mishandling of the pandemic underlines the case for electoral reform

Covid mental health fallout

Steven Walker says action is needed to avert crisis amongst the poor and young

The state of the union

Gary Younge looks at what influence the left in the US will have now and sees a political resolution of the American Civil War still being played out

Women in firing line

Alice Arkwright says TUC research spotlights gender discrimination writ large in the pandemic

Starmer’s Mission: Impossible

Peter Kenyon says this corrupt government with 120,000 deaths on its hands requires Starmer’s Labour to seriously raise its opposition and ambition

Growing the Squad to fight climate change

Professor Jennie C. Stephens explains why antiracist and feminist leadership must play a vital role in mitigating the climate crisis

Racism at heart of government failure

The Home Office has forfeited the right to manage immigration says Don Flynn