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Paul Salveson is a visiting professor in transport & logistics at the University of Huddersfield.

Going Vertical on rail

Paul Salveson's Points and Crossings in 284   There are signs that Chris Grayling, the new Transport Secretary, is flexing his political muscles and moving away...

Paul Salveson asks: Is London the problem?

North and South: bury our differences and build a progressive alliance for social justice and a Federal Britain It’s almost de rigeur among Northern regionalists...

#DevoNorth & #DevoManc

CHARTIST has brought you a wealth of views from the Devo North camp courtesy of Yorkshire's Paul Salveson and his Points and Crossings columns....

The case for Northern devolution | Paul Salveson

Paul Salveson returns to the increasingly pertinent 'English Question' and specifically the case for Northern devolution The debate on democratic devolution within England is moving...

Northern lessons Labour must Learn

Chartist's Paul Salveson, who writes our Points & Crossings column, has recently left the Labour party to join Yorkshire First, a party formed around the mission of a devolved assembly for Yorkshire. Here he tells us - and the Labour party - why.