Paul Salveson

Paul Salveson
Paul Salveson is a visiting professor in transport & logistics at the University of Huddersfield.
Poster for The Spirit of '45, directed by Ken Loach

What’s all this ‘red wall’ stuff?

Paul Salveson examines the myth of the Northern Labour Heartlands

Grim up North

Paul Salveson on the challenges of rebuilding the red wall

The break-up of Britain?

Paul Salveson surveys views of post-Brexit Britain

Northern Powerhouse puffs along

Paul Salveson on northern routes and the likelihood of HS2 hitting the buffers

Cold wind from the North

Paul Salveson on a different, more complex reality of northern working class

Northern Powerlessness

Paul Salveson on Tory vanity projects One of George Osborne’s more interesting policy interventions was ‘The Northern Powerhouse’....

Worshipping Walt …200 years on

Paul Salveson on Whitman’s local legacy One of the most fascinating influences on the early British socialist movement was...

Government rail review

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Scotland and the long game

Paul Salveson on Brexit conundrums and future scenarios It’s always interesting to get a different perspective on politics...

Will the North rise again?

The anthem of the (non-existent) Northern liberation front would be The Fall’s splendid The North Will Rise Again, penned back in the 80s by Mark...

Going Vertical on rail

Paul Salveson's Points and Crossings in 284   There are signs that Chris Grayling, the new Transport Secretary, is flexing his political muscles and moving away...