Campaign for proportional representation goes into summer with a roadshow of online events

Labour for a New Democracy (L4ND) is in the middle of a roadshow of events as part of its campaign to get the case for proportional representation debated and adopted at this year’s Labour conference.

Running until the 19th July, the roadshow is organised as a series of online events promoting discussion about the importance of democratic reform and how it is of particular importance to all the interests aligned with Labour and progressive causes.

The series kicked off on 20th May with an event which considered the importance of the PR debate to the trade union movement. Panel speakers included Ian Hodson, president of the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers union, and Nancy Platts of Politics For the Many, a campaign group which aims to promote the case for electoral reform within the unions.

On 26th May, the roadshow will feature a panel on ‘Levelling the Playing Field’. Arguing that the current first-past-the-post system confirms the Conservative bias in the UK electoral system, political scientists Jonathan Rodden of Stanford University and Rob Ford of Manchester University will explain that this is now a major part of Labour’s predicament as a party in danger of being permanently sealed out of the chance of government.

You can register to attend the roadshow event on the 26th by clicking here.

Further events in the roadshow series are:

June 10th: ‘Defeating Right Wing Populism’ with Billy Bragg, Rachel Maskell, Stephen Kinnock, and Maria Iacovou

June 15th: A New Democracy for a Green New Deal? with Clive Lewis MP, Sam Mason, Salomon Orellana, and Ana Oppenheim

More events will be added during the next few weeks and can be viewed on the L4ND website.

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