Workers must not be made to pay for Covid crisis

Beware the second wave: not just the threat to lives from a further spike in Covid-19, but to livelihoods from impending recession, mass unemployment and an increasingly likely ‘no deal’ Brexit.

Covid-19 charge sheet against Tories

Covid-19 is a pandemic unprecedented in over 100 years. Besides the devastating human cost in lives, the cost in livelihoods has also been incalculable.

Johnson learning from Trump playbook

Already Johnson’s Tories are reneging on commitments made in the EU Withdrawal Agreement to adhere to worker and consumer rights and environmental standards.

Long haul for Labour

Labour suffered a heavy defeat on 12th December. Identifying the reasons for failure to unseat a Tory government presiding over nine years of austerity will rightly occupy some time.

Ditching the Tories

Parliament has put Boris Johnson in a ditch but he is far from dead.

Love Socialism, Hate Brexit

Halloween approaches. The options: a no deal crash out of the EU or some tinsel on May’s deal around the Ireland backstop.

New Tory PM and Euro elections signal a Labour change

Any day now Jeremy Corbyn should come out with an explicit commitment from Labour to remain in the EU and campaign for that view in a general election or referendum.

Europe—Tory paralysis, Labour’s opportunity

We live in surreal times. It is unprecedented for a government to be defeated on its keynote policy, delivering Brexit - not once but...

Put it to the people

Theresa May’s game of Russian roulette with the lives of British people has to end. She is clearly in thrall to the ‘no deal’ crash and...

Project hope and a People’s Vote

The Tories have brought the UK to the brink of calamity. Rather than heal divisions of culture, wealth, regions and nations they have brought only deeper...

Editorial: Left against Brexit and austerity

Wages stagnant for the longest period since the Napoleonic wars, a flatlining economy, low productivity growth and stagnant investment. Cap this with collapsing local...