Food Bank Britain: A Merry Christmas. For Some

Many of us would have gorged ourselves silly on a roasted bird of some sort on Christmas day, unfortunately this would have been a fantasy for many now relying on food banks. The staggering 220% rise in food bank use since the 2010 is the greatest moral indictment against this government.  A rise of 872,240 from 40’898 should leave no one in any doubt: This government hates the poor.

Important recent coverage is presented here in a neat digest. We ask only that you use this to hit home a message in this coming election year.


Trussell Trust Stats Page
Trussell Trust report – Biggest ever increase in UK foodbank use
The Guardian. July 2011Huge rise in use of food banks since welfare changes, says aid body
The Guardian. December 2014 – Tories seek to avert rift with Church of England over food bank report
The Guardian. December 2014 Karen McVeigh – How people have come to depend on food banks to survive
The Guardian Video Report November 2014 – Britain Isn’t Eating: a microplay by the Guardian and the Royal Court – video
Barnados Report Food poverty in the run up to Christmas
LeftFoodForward. November 2013. Food banks and five statistics that shame the Coalition
New Statesman. October 2014 The Foodbank Dilemma
The Trussell Trust Find your nearest Food Bank page
The Financial Times. A Way forward on Food Banks
Labour Uncut. December 2014 – If Cameron was smart, he’d recapitalise the food banks
Speri – University of Sheffield Political Economy Blog. December 2013Hungry for change: food insecurity in the wake of the crisis



There is one question that needs to put not just to our leaders, but to ourselves. What sort of country does it make us when we cannot feed every member of? Is it because ‘we cannot afford it’? This is clearly rubbish. it is not acceptable that this happening in an ‘advanced industrialised’ society. As we flop over into an election year, problems like this should focus the mind. Austerity isn’t the only reason, but its a big one. Let’s remind people what happens when they vote Tory…and now Liberal.

The Trussell Trust has been at the forefront of a public awareness campaign. The links above should be sourced so that people can arm themselves to the teeth with facts as well as moral argument.







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