Greece jolts austerity Europe: A media digest

Europe’s economic and political furniture has been subject to some serious Greek-inspired feng shui. The tremors of Syriza’s win aren’t just being felt beneath the feet the EU austerity enthusiasts, but is now giving delicate geo-political relations with Russia a bit of a wobble. Will Russia assist Athens if Merkel doesn’t budge? Will Greece leave the Euro as a result? Big question, big speculation, lots of press! Here’s a non-mainstream media digest.


Left FuturesSyriza has interesting allies: Vladimir Putin and Mark Carney
Counterpunch Greece, the US and the Neo-Liberal Coup
CounterfireSyriza versus the Troika: the first week
RTRussia might bailout Greece – finance minister
Morning StarTsipras government breaks the ice with eurozone over debt
Touchstone Blog Syriza’s impact on Europe: Forget what the ‘serious people’ say


Greek fun


Left Foot Forward Comment: How Syriza became the most radical force in European politics
Red Pepper From protest to power: the transformation of Syriza by Marina Prentoulis
Social Europe Journal The Greek Hope by James K. Galbraith
TribuneSmashing Greece back into the stone age
New Left Project– Is Syriza Radical Enough?
Socialist Economic Bullettin – Syriza’s victory: turning hope into reality















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