REAL Labour Market Reform: Now!

CHARTIST has been pushing its poll on the THE WORLD OF WORK as part of a series to fix Labour’s broken political economy. We’ll be running the poll into the New Year. Recently we’ve published a number of pieces under the #REALlabourmarketreform hashtag. Here is the consolidated selection.


Review of Economic Inequality in Britain

Britain – by historical and international standards – is a very unequal place. After a decade that brought us the Spirit level and a new generation of important research, the political left is now starting to do more than simply point fingers at obvious culprits.  Here, an appraisal of economic inequality in Britain is prompted by the review of two publications.


Labour’s lessons on Zero Hour Contracts: Review of IER Booklet

From political rhetoric to meat on the bone: Zero Hour Contracts and their context. A review of  the issues prompted by Re-regulating Zero Contracts By Zoe Adams & Simon Deakin (Institute for Employment Rights).


Labour’s broken political economy poll 1: the world of work

CHARTIST recently had a poll posing a question of Ed Balls’ place and role in Labour’s politics. The result was unambiguous: He needs to go. It’s not because he’s unpleasant or a practitioner of the dark arts of new Labour political hackery, absolutely not! It’s about the toxic effect of the ideas he’s imposed on Labour’s political economy past and present. So – after a emphatic verdict, here’s your chance to put a constructive alternative.



Peter Kenyon writes on the new issue of CHARTIST on a persistent Ed Balls problem that has straddled Labour and its leader, Ed Miliband and how the living wage is living proof of the problems of Ed B.


The problematic economics of Balls

The extent of Ed Balls’ toxic influence over Labour’s political economy does not begin and end with the current ‘austerity-lite’ agenda. The impression made by very conservative economists upon Balls was the driving force behind New Labour’s economic agenda in power too. A curtain needs to be brought down on Balls, Ballsian economics, or both.


If you believe that the living wage should be the minimum wage, if you believe that collective bargaining must return in strength to our industries, if you think Zero Contracts should be abolished and that we need real proposals to do this fast, THEN SAY SO TAKE OUR POLL.


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