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NHS white paper opens door to profit-seekers

Jan Savage explains that Integrated Care Systems mean systematic privatisation of the NHS

NHS on the table

Despite a recent statement from the Health secretary, Jan Savage sees plenty of scope for further NHS sell-offs in trade deals

Covid-19 – a legacy of failure

Allyson Pollock and Louisa Harding-Edgar say there is also an opportunity to end the neoliberalism that got us to this point

1945: promise of a new day

Ian Bullock reflects on the mixed legacy of the Attlee government

Patients Not Passports: The fight for the future of our NHS

As the coronavirus dominates the health headlines, James Skinner and Aedín O’Cuill explain how the hostile environment has infected the NHS

New NHS Long Term Plan – more than window dressing?

Stephanie Clark finds ambitous promises but an ongoing threat of outsourcing Under assault from 10 years of ruthless ‘austerity’, fragmentation and creeping privatisation, NHS England’s...

Crisis – what crisis?

Jacky Davis calls out Tory PM Theresa May, busying herself with Brexit, for the latest NHS crisis The NHS is back in the headlines once...

BLOG: an avoidable & infuriating NHS funding debate

We learn our lessons very slowly in this country. Amidst all this scraping the barrel talk on the news about finding extra money for...