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Alena Ivanova is a campaigns organiser for Another Europe Is Possible..

Belarus & Poland in murderous migrant policies

Alena Ivanova on solidarity acts for thousands trapped in hostile environments in Eastern Europe

Right to Stay

Alena Ivanova says we must give full rights to the many EU citizens we rely on as frontline workers

Anti-Brexit home truths

Alena Ivanova says Labour’s previous triangulation has failed so it’s time to bury the idea of a Labour Brexit

Time for direct action

Alena Ivanova says Brexit is an existential question for Labour

Conference green light to stay put

Alena Ivanova says let’s make our movement home for the 20th October marchers

Crunch time for Corbyn’s Labour on Brexit

Alena Ivanova on how the Left is gearing up for a fight on Brexit - and not a minute too soon

Making all votes count

While 76% of Labour voters support PR, Alena Ivanova asks whether members are willing to back a progressive Labour-led coalition