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Andrew Coates is a member of Chartist EB.

France – left populism flags

Andrew Coates finds a fragmented left and a split far-right

Starmer & Negotiating the Rapids

Andrew Coates looks back on the innovative thinking of a left current involving Keir Starmer

Resonating with the membership

Andrew Coates looks at the main leadership candidates and finds Keir Starmer best placed to take the party forward

The far right comes in from the cold

Andrew Coates on the ideologists guiding the far right today

Macron faces populist revolt

Andrew Coates finds grounds to be cautious on the rise of the Gilets jaunes In May 2017 Emmanuel Macron was elected President of France...

Chartist AGM report by Andrew Coates

The Chartist AGM was well attended and had some awesome speakers. Report by Andrew Coates