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Dr David Toke is Reader in Energy Politics and Law at Aberdeen University. His latest book, Low Carbon Politics, is published by Routledge.

Blue hydrogen: a Trojan horse from oil and gas

Dave Toke says stop wasting money on non-renewables

Time for renewables

Dave Toke says renewable energy is likely to soar in 2020 as a proportion of UK electricity consumption

Offshore wind – the force is with you

Dave Toke on the power source that could blow all other power sources away just on its own

Nuclear fantasy

Dave Toke says Government plans for a programme of small nuclear power stations is a costly non-starter

Defeating the Tories

Dave Toke explains why Greens need a Progressive Alliance not a Lib-Dem-Green Alliance

Labour and energy nationalisation

David Toke explains why power should be given to local councils, not the pro-nuclear GMB

Labour’s nuclear power black hole

Renewables are safe and cheap – so why is Labour set to marginalise them? asks Dave Toke

The problem with carbon taxes

David Toke asks whether carbon taxes or regulations are the answer to combating climate change With Gilets jaunes...

Giving away control

Crashing out of the EU will mean subservience to US capital with more than its chlorinated chicken says Dave Toke

Labour’s Green energy revolution

Dave Toke says Labour's green energy plans are the surest sign yet that they are heading for Government  Labour's low cost and practical proposals for...

Hothouse Earth

Dave Toke is not so rosy on Gove’s warming to sparkling wine prospects As the UK sweltered along with much of the rest of the...