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Dave Lister
Dave Lister is an ex-teacher, trade union activist and governor support officer. He is a member of Brent CLP and Chartist EB.

Uproar in schools

Dave Lister looks at the rolling disaster that is the government’s schools and exams policy

School curriculum – a multicultural past

Former teachers Dave Lister and Mike Davis reflect on different times
A demonstrator holds a Stop the War Coalition sign

Don’t Stop the War Coalition

Dave Lister finds that Stop the War's silence and equivocation on Syria raises questions over its peace ambitions

Schools out for summer?

Dave Lister calls out a rushed and ill-prepared Cabinet decision to reopen primary schools

What do we mean by a National Education Service?

Dave Lister says content and funding must go hand in hand

For a non-toxic Labour Party

Dave Lister argues for a more tolerant and civil party culture Talking to people from across the...

Wanted: a profound shift in how we run, fund and judge

While parents fund-raise for resources and headteachers take to the streets in protest at government cuts, Dave Lister finds Melissa Benn...

Gove’s rotten legacy

Dave Lister on why the Academy project is floundering  The Tories’ reverses in this year’s general election spelt an end to their plans for wholesale...


Jeremy Corbyn got a bigger and renewed mandate. How did conference respond? David Lister reports on Corbyn’s speech, mixed messages and unity calls   I attended...