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Don Flynn
Don Flynn is Chartist managing editor and former director of Migrants' Rights Network.

Conservative Party sheds its One-Nation image

Don Flynn says the Tory wolf of private property is now out

Immigration – after the short pause expect hostilities to be renewed

Don Flynn finds the Johnson government sending mixed messages

Charting a complex path

A reply to Duncan Bowie: Corbyn has played the cards he has been dealt with well and continued support for his leadership is vital, says Don Flynn

When the centre cannot hold

The centrist consensus is breaking up, accelerated by Brexit. Don Flynn says Labour too needs to be ready to ‘move quickly and smash things’

Fighting racism in all its forms

The charge of widespread antisemitism on the left of the Labour Party is damaging the necessary fight against racism in all its forms. Don...

No ifs, no buts, oppose this Immigration Bill 

Don Flynn finds Labour’s parliamentary confusion flies in the face of support for free movement among party members The Immigration Bill currently making its way...

Another Europe is Possible: Mobilising internationalism in the fight against Brexit

AEIP is a response not just to Tory Brexit, but also to the version of socialism which believes that the working class can achieve its emancipation within the high enclosing walls of a reinvigorated national state.

Waking up to reality: Why a Corbyn-style Lexit has to be part of our...

Don Flynn poses some problems with a People’s Vote and outlines a Plan B in anticipation of Brexit actually taking place It seems that few...

Labour left at a turning point

Don Flynn sets out the challenges facing Labour’s left in seeking to build on successes and secure a Corbyn government The socialist left inside the...

Labour turns tide

Don Flynn writes on the General Election 2017 General Election 2017: Not yet in government, but the conditions for real advance are being forged. The...

Trump targets US workers and immigrants

As global capitalism recedes Don Flynn finds immigrants are left exposed and vulnerable