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Frances O'Grady

Frances O'Grady is TUC General Secretary.

Government talks big, acts small

Frances O’Grady outlines the TUC recovery plan to combat pay squeeze

Channel the spirit of 1945

Frances O’Grady sets out the case for a National Recovery Council and a new deal - but will the Tories listen?

Standing up for European solidarity

Frances O’Grady says workers must not be made to pay the price for Brexit This is a defining moment for the trade union movement, and even...

End the public sector pay cap

Frances O’Grady on why the pay freeze is bad for workers and the economy Nurses working full-time in our NHS shouldn't need to rely on...

Unions in election mode – Frances O’Grady

In setting out the trade unions’ stall for the next government Frances O’Grady is encouraged by Labour’s workplace manifesto

Fork in the road for Greece & Europe: Letter from Frances O’Grady

CHARTIST would like to provide space to this letter by Frances O'Grady of the TUC. Despite the misplaced metaphor by the TUC's metaphor department...