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Gerry Hassan is co-author of The People’s Flag and the Union Jack: An Alternative History of Britain and the Labour Party, published by Biteback Publishing, and The Strange Death of Labour Scotland (Edinburgh University Press).

Demise of Empire State Britain

Gerry Hassan with eleven takes on the SNP, Labour, independence and the problem of the British state

A better yesterday?

Gerry Hassan says Scottish Labour has to execute a dramatic forward-looking change if it is to reverse decades of decline

Scotland & the end of the Empire State

Gerry Hassan on self-government, the weaknesses of Labour (and Tory) opposition to the SNP and the need for a new constitutional settlement as the Brexit imbroglio unfolds

Gerry Hassan on a Scotland that keeps rejecting Labour

Gerry Hassan on the end of British politics and what it means for Scotland    There is no such thing as British politics. This was evident...

Gerry Hassan on Scotland’s divisions in Chartist #271

We are One Scotland Gerry Hassan surveys the troubled politics of post-referendum Scotland as it becomes very clear that the dust has far from settled,...

Gerry Hassan on Scotland’s new radicals

In the latest issue of CHARTIST, Gerry Hassan surveys the opportunities and challenges of the Independence debate. Scotland's new radicals. As the polls narrow...