Peter Kenyon

Peter Kenyon
Peter Kenyon is a member of Cities of London and Westminster CLP and Chartist EB.

Labour’s uncivil war: will it ever end?

Peter Kenyon fears the prospects are slim

Labour leadership – time for the stalking horse to be stabled

Labour leadership - time for the stalking horse to be stabledI think the unthinkable – a re-united Labour Party by the beginning of next...

Labour’s mis-selling scandal – NEC should act on Tuesday

Peter Kenyon sets out the case for resetting the freeze date to Thursday 14 July Prepare for the worst. The Labour Party's National Executive Committee...

Corbyn Coup latest

A week, then a weekend and now a couple of hours is a long time in politics. Peter Kenyon reports

Kenyon on the Rainbow coalition that’s coming

Peter Kenyon spins the wheel of political fortune in the event of a hung Parliament in May Hope for the best and prepare for the...

Follow the leader: Labour’s Balls-shaped shackles

Peter Kenyon on a persistent Ed Balls problem that has straddled Labour and its leader, Ed Miliband.

Labour’s first post-election budget: how to avoid a Balls up

Peter Kenyon on the 2 Eds and some important pre and post-election choices Britain needs a payrise. I would go further. The world needs a...

Archive Oldie | Peter Kenyon ‘It’s the party, stupid’ (2006)

CHARTIST’s Archive Oldie is back with another 2006 BANG Peter Kenyon reviews the prospects for Britain’s mainstream political parties in 2006 ahead of the PoWEr...

Labour, be bold! Peter Kenyon in Chartist #270

Peter Kenyon sees a risky strategy and wants Miliband to be honest with voters Fingers crossed Labour leader Ed Miliband is saving the best until...