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Peter Kenyon is a member of Cities of London and Westminster CLP and Chartist EB.

Labour Party factionalism – drop it or lose the next election

Peter Kenyon surveys the shitstorms breaking out within the party

Spinning plates and crashing out

Peter Kenyon looks forward to a dismal future for Britain and its children post-Brexit

Will Starmer get lucky?

Peter Kenyon reviews the new Leader of the Labour Party’s prospects following defeat in the 2019 General Election, the coronavirus pandemic and climate change

Surrender – Phase 1 complete

Peter Kenyon reviews the consequences of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU

Labouring on

Peter Kenyon highlights lessons to be learned from Brexit in or out

The world doesn’t revolve around Wigan, Wansbeck or wherever

Peter Kenyon marvels at the policy-thinking that our sisters and brothers in Europe are engaged in

Hokey-Cokey Labour

Peter Kenyon reviews the ins and outs of the British Labour Party's EU policy making The hokey-cokey doesn't...

Brexit: Labour’s options

Peter Kenyon reviews what's at stake for the nation before 29 March 2019 Hyperbole has ruled. It's...

Brexit Bromide

While a Brexit bonus is a lie Peter Kenyon checks out progress and sees opportunity at this year's Labour Annual Conference This is a long...

Brexitology – a challenge for voters and Corbyn

Peter Kenyon explores the mysteries of Britain's application to leave the European Union as the Tories prepare for the next round of talks My formative...

Corbyn in Downing Street?

Peter Kenyon reviews the prospects for one of the biggest upsets in British political history Top marks to Labour for being ready. Tories are so...