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Prem Sikka is professor of accounting at the University of Sheffield and emeritus professor of accounting at the University of Essex.

The budget we need

A deadbeat Government is likely to steal Labour policies for the Autumn Budget says Prem Sikka Following last year’s announcement that there will only be...

Prem Sikka on BHS

Prem Sikka wants pension schemes protection from bosses in the wake of the BHS saga There is an unresolved tension between corporations and social responsibility....

Prem Sikka on Panama papers

Prem Sikka maps out the a parallel universe in CHARTIST #280   The leaked files of Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca have further confirmed the existence of...

Prem Sikka on shrinking the state

Austerity can only be ended by a shift in political philosophy argues Prem Sikka Within minutes of the Chancellor delivering his autumn statement, The Daily...

Tax Dodgers Inc. – The roll of dishonour

Prem Sikka targets the top dodgers whose unpaid tax exposes government hypocrisy

Corporate tax avoidance fathers austerity

In the wake of the tax scams in Luxembourg Prem Sikka explains how manufactured tax avoidance schemes are eroding social democracy

An archive oldie: Prem Sikka on corporations (2006)

CHARTIST's Archive Oldie series returns with a 2006 gem from Prem Sikka All stakeholders should have a say in the running of the major corporations...

Prem Sikka on the case for unitary taxation

Prem Sikka explains why unitary taxation must be a policy priority