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Prem Sikka
Prem Sikka is professor of accounting at the University of Sheffield and emeritus professor of accounting at the University of Essex.

Alarm bells

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed government incompetence and crony capitalism, says Prem Sikka

After Coronavirus

Markets are indifferent to who lives or dies. In the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis it must not be the working class and pensioners that bear the burden, writes Prem Sikka

The dividend curse

Prem Sikka explains how income inequalities have widened during the shareholder bonanza of the last ten years

Tory handouts for the rich versus Labour’s way

Prem Sikka highlights the dividing line on taxation between Labour and Conservatives while setting out a sharper left course

Labour to halt bosses bonanza

Prem Sikka outlines his co-authored report on ending excessive executive payouts Most social problems are rooted in the...

Funding a left Labour programme

Prem Sikka says getting taxation policy right is critical for Labour Tax revenues are the life-blood of all democracies. Without these, no state can alleviate...

Stakeholder Boards are the key to industrial renaissance

Prem Sikka finds Hammond’s industrial strategy an empty wish list

The budget we need

A deadbeat Government is likely to steal Labour policies for the Autumn Budget says Prem Sikka Following last year’s announcement that there will only be...

Prem Sikka on BHS

Prem Sikka wants pension schemes protection from bosses in the wake of the BHS saga There is an unresolved tension between corporations and social responsibility....

Prem Sikka on Panama papers

Prem Sikka maps out the a parallel universe in CHARTIST #280   The leaked files of Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca have further confirmed the existence of...

Prem Sikka on shrinking the state

Austerity can only be ended by a shift in political philosophy argues Prem Sikka Within minutes of the...