*Special Conference Issue Now available for Download*

CHARTIST recently published a special issue for a momentous and historic Labour Party conference. The special issue boasts articles on Corbyn’s rise, the role of women in the party, trident, Scotland, party democracy, electoral reform and housing


When CHARTIST comrades distributed this special issue they made a media splash, appearing in the Guardian and on the BBC’s Daily Politics. 


CHARTIST sensed a historic moment and became a focal point of debate at Labour conference. You can now download the special conference issue Here.


Mike at conference 15This is only the start of the debate. CHARTIST will be continuing this in the coming weeks. We invite all CHARTIST supporters and friends to contribute.




Chartist Editor Mike Davis (hat) being interviewed for the Daily Politics.


15 Conference Special Final - separate pages (Page 01)15 Conference Special Final TOC















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