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Rebuilding for biodiversity

In Buxton, Mark Cocker spoke to local councillors Madeline Hall, Rachael Quinn and Keith Savage about how we rethink the future of brownfield redevelopment

Grenfell: dangers and economic pain endure for millions

Dermot Mckibbin reports on government foot-dragging on fire safety

The end of town planning as we know it

Duncan Bowie sees the latest Tory proposals for planning and housing development as a huge backwards step

In the wake of Grenfell

The Government has abandoned leaseholders as well as victims of the Grenfell fire, says Dermot McKibbin

Volume builders profiting from need

Dermot McKibbin on a tale of toxic leases and Tory inaction

Northumberland Notes

Craig Simpson on an English political microcosm Northumberland serves as a microcosm of the English political landscape. Post-industrial, urban Labour strongholds, vanishing Lib Dem support,...

The Conservatives on housing

Duncan Bowie says look away if you don’t own your home The big issue in the housing chapter of the manifesto is the proposal to...

The party politics of rent controls: a digest

The spectre of rent controls, that made a notable appearance at the beginning of last summer, has reemerged. A new set of surveys by...