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Duncan Bowie was a senior lecturer at University of Westminster. His most recent books are Radical Solutions to the Housing Supply Crisis (Policy Press) and a history of the Left in Oxford. He is Chartist Reviews Editor.

The challenges of leadership

Successful candidates for Labour leader and deputy have huge tasks to overcome. Rebuilding electoral support and overcoming party divisions are two central challenges among others set out by Duncan Bowie as a guide to selection.

Retrospect and prospects

In anger as well as sadness Duncan Bowie reflects on failure and lost opportunities

Their history

Duncan Bowie considers previous Tory divisions and sees nothing new about nationalism and protectionism

GE2019: the Labour Party Election Manifesto – a radical departure

Duncan Bowie says this Labour manifesto is reassuringly clear with a credible plan for a democratic socialist Britain in the world. Let’s get behind the policies
Jeremy Corbyn speaking at Chatham House

End the Corbyn fandom – towards a pluralist socialism

In the face of a hard-right Johnson premiership, Duncan Bowie underlines the urgency of Labour getting its house in order

Just as we might be winning the anti-Brexit case

Duncan Bowie regrets the recent resignations Seven Labour MPs are resigning for very different reasons - some...

Labour and Brexit: time to get real

While the Tories created the Brexit shambles Labour’s line on getting a better deal is unworkable. It’s time to come out...

Local government on the brink

Duncan Bowie explains how eight years of an austerity straitjacket has pushed many councils to the verge of collapse. But does Labour have an...

Two cheers for Labour housing polic

Mind the gaps says Duncan Bowie but the new policy does put social housing back centre stage. About two weeks before the local elections, Jeromy...

Housing and the Budget

The budget has been widely referred to as ‘the housing budget’. The big announcement, left to the end of Hammond’s long budget speech, was...

Grenfell fire – an indictment of government

Grenfell fire – an indictment of government Duncan Bowie sees the Grenfell Tower fire as a consequence of multiple failures One of the key functions of...