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Duncan Bowie was a senior lecturer at University of Westminster. His most recent books are Radical Solutions to the Housing Supply Crisis (Policy Press) and a history of the Left in Oxford. He is Chartist Reviews Editor.

Attlee’s Labour government elected 75 years ago

Duncan Bowie highlights the achievements and limits of the 1945 Labour government elected in conditions of huge national debt and destruction, finding lessons for today

Sheila Rowbotham, Lynne Segal and Hilary Wainwright: Beyond the Fragments (1979)

Subtitled "Feminism and the Making of Socialism", this collective set of essays was a sustained argument for applying the lessons of the...

Power to the people?

Duncan Bowie asks what power and what people in a discussion of devolution, spatial equity and socialism

Tony Benn: Arguments for Socialism (1979)

Tony Benn, previously known as Anthony Wedgwood Benn, was a Minister in Wilson’s 1964-70 and 1974-7 governments and Callaghan’s 1977-9 government.  He...

Stuart Holland: The Socialist Challenge (1975)

Stuart Holland was an Oxford-educated economist, with degrees in history and economics, who on graduating worked with the economist Thomas Balogh and...

The challenges of leadership

Successful candidates for Labour leader and deputy have huge tasks to overcome. Rebuilding electoral support and overcoming party divisions are two central challenges among others set out by Duncan Bowie as a guide to selection.

Retrospect and prospects

In anger as well as sadness Duncan Bowie reflects on failure and lost opportunities

Their history

Duncan Bowie considers previous Tory divisions and sees nothing new about nationalism and protectionism

May Day Manifesto (1968)

The original draft of the manifesto was published in 1967, being revised for publication as a book by Penguin the following year....

GE2019: the Labour Party Election Manifesto – a radical departure

Duncan Bowie says this Labour manifesto is reassuringly clear with a credible plan for a democratic socialist Britain in the world. Let’s get behind the policies

Perry Anderson: Problems of Socialist Strategy (1965)

This essay was published in Towards Socialism by New Left Review. Other contributors were Thomas Balogh, Robin Blackburn, Ken Coates, Richard Crossman,...