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Duncan Bowie has been strategic planner for the London Mayor, a university planning lecturer and has published a number of books on housing and planning policy. He is currently co-convener of the London and Wider South East Strategic Planning Network and chair of the Highbury Group on Housing Delivery. He is Chartist reviews editor.

Labour: get strategic on combatting inequalities

Duncan Bowie on levelling up, strategic planning and local government reform

Tony Blair: The Third Way (1998)

It is perhaps open to question why Tony Blair’s pamphlet is included in a series entitled ‘Our History’ as most Chartist readers will not...

Progress on housing, doubts on delivery

Duncan Bowie welcomes the direction of Labour’s housing policy but finds holes in the funding

Hilary Wainwright: Arguments for a New Left (1994)

Wainwright is a socialist feminist and political activist and is currently editor of Red Pepper. A sociology researcher at Durham University and then the...

Paul Hirst: Associative Democracy (1994)

Paul Hirst was a sociologist and professor of social theory at Birkbeck College, London. In the 1970s and 1980s he was a leading advocate...

Michael Meacher: Diffusing Power (1992)

Michael Meacher was MP for Oldham for 45 years from 1970 until his death in 2015. Before becoming an MP he was an academic,...

Stan Newens – an East Londoner, socialist, internationalist and historian

Duncan Bowie on the life and work of the long-standing Chartist subscriber, MP and MEP, and champion of colonial freedom

David Blunkett and Bernard Crick: The Labour Party’s Aims and Values (1988)

In 1985, the Labour Party National Executive Committee commissioned a statement of ‘Principles and Beliefs’. The working party appointed to draft the document apparently...

A plea for tolerance

Duncan Bowie says civic values and internal democracy must be restored as the lifeblood of the Labour Party

Anthony Wright: Socialisms: Theories and Practices (1986)

At the time Wright wrote this book, he was a lecturer in political studies at Birmingham University. In 1979, he had written G D...

Reflecting on the Corbyn years

Duncan Bowie looks at differing assessments of what went wrong for Labour