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Time up for rigged Northern Ireland state

In the 100th anniversary year of Ireland’s partition, John Palmer surveys the conflicts in the gerrymandered state and looks at prospects for a united Ireland and a rump UK

Irish Election marks seismic shift

Jerry Fitzpatrick on the historic victory for Sinn Fein and what it means for Irish unity

Peace, Brexit and Irish unity

After two years of direct rule, Paul Dixon looks at the prospects for a resumption of power sharing in Northern Ireland

Ireland’s Brexit borders?

Could Ireland’s border be the stumbling block for Brexit? James Anderson on carrots and sticks and collateral damage. What are Britain’s Brexit negotiators up to...

James Connolly verses Conservative Capitalism in Ireland

May 12th marked the centenary of the death of James  Connolly by firing squad after the Easter Rising  in Dublin. Pauline Murphy looks at...