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GE2019: Oh no, Mr McCluskey

This week has seen the same old fake news and Tory lies about immigration. Don Flynn does some myth busting

Euro Mediterranean migration crisis

Wendy Pettifer on the consequences of hostile environments

Immigration – after the short pause expect hostilities to be renewed

Don Flynn finds the Johnson government sending mixed messages

No ifs, no buts, oppose this Immigration Bill 

Don Flynn finds Labour’s parliamentary confusion flies in the face of support for free movement among party members The Immigration Bill currently making its way...

Debating freedom of movement 

David Pavett critiques of Don Flynn’s approach to EU free movement rights Don Flynn praises Jeremy Corbyn for “setting out the view that there is no...

Don Flynn on migrants rights in #277

Challenging the ‘hostile environment’ fallacy is the central key task for Corbyn’s stand on immigration, argues Don Flynn in the latest CHARTIST   Jeremy Corbyn is not short...

Five lessons for Labour on migrants’ rights

Don Flynn on why it is time for Labour to make the progressive case

Immigration works for us

Don Flynn on why it is time for Labour to make the progressive case There is a mood abroad on the issue of immigration which...

Rancour and unrest in Swedish politics

In September, Sweden's Social Democrats returned to power with a minority administration amid a rising tide of anti-immigrant politics. 3 months on and things...

Don Flynn on the case for free movement

Eurosceptics make all the noise, but the real case for free movement and migration has yet to be heard. David Cameron’s vow last week...

An archive oldie: Don Flynn on migrants rights (2002)

CHARTIST will be republishing articles from yesteryear from its archive to give you your personal sense of socialism a nostalgic pep!  First, an article by Don...