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Russian forces put Ukrainian local democracy under the hammer

Responding to the evidence of abduction and murder of Ukrainian mayors and local democracy activists, a group of UK mayors and councillors have issued an appeal for solidarity. Don Flynn reports

Stop Putin’s war

Chartist spoke to Peter Duncan about the war on Ukraine and the possible scenarios for an ending

Solidarity now with Ukrainian resistance

Youth activist Hunter Christopher reports on the urgent need for solidarity and the campaign to end Tory visa requirements for refugees

End the occupation – solidarity with Ukrainians: Ukraine’s fight against the revival of Russian...

Julie Ward reports from Kyiv on the Social Movement and efforts to organise popular resistance to the Russian aggression

Reflections on the Revolution in Ukraine Part III

It’s the Geopolitics stupid! At a recent meeting held in Paris to discuss the future of Ukraine, US Secretary of State, John Kerry, and his...

Reflections on the Revolution in Ukraine – Part II

Frank Lee reports on the Crimean Referendum, the double-standards of western government & media reactions and the challenges facing the unelected Kiev regime The ongoing...

Reflections on the revolution in Ukraine

Frank Lee asks why the West is uncritically backing a government with fascists in Kiev  Victor Yanukovich was elected President of the Ukraine in 2010...