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Julie Ward
Julie Ward was a Labour MEP for North West England.

Reckless and irresponsible

Julie Ward says Labour must demand the government pushes pause on Brexit

Keep the European flag flying

Julie Ward on taking internationalism to the streets

Proof positive for Europe

Julie Ward asks why did we stay silent on the benefits of being an EU member for so long?

Leading not leaving

Why did it all go wrong? Julie Ward MEP on how Labour sent the wrong message to the voters in the European Elections

Euro elections—building a progressive alliance

Julie Ward says Labour must not abandon its tradition of being internationalist - remaining in the EU should be our platform...

The door is still open

Julie Ward on the madness of isolationism “We’ve all had enough of experts” was an infamous line trotted...

Brexit – an abandonment of solidarity

The European Union is much more than a trading bloc says Julie Ward “We’re leaving!” shout the Brexiteers whenever there’s a slight whiff of Remain...