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Julie Ward is a former Labour MEP and a member of Chartist's Editorial Board.

Trade unionists show solidarity with Ukraine

Julie Ward reports on trade union mobilisation against Putin’s war

End the occupation – solidarity with Ukrainians: Ukraine’s fight against the revival of Russian...

Julie Ward reports from Kyiv on the Social Movement and efforts to organise popular resistance to the Russian aggression

Time to stand up for Roma people

Julie Ward reports on anti-Roma racism in the North East

No to Hassockfield – no one is illegal

Julie Ward on the scandal of a new Immigration Removal Centre

Remember the Roma

Julie Ward on fighting racism and antisemitism yesterday and today

Erasmus+: a minus for the next generation

Julie Ward on a kick in the teeth for young people and why Labour shouldn’t support Johnson’s bad deal

Fig leaf replaces oven-ready

Julie Ward on an unseemly end to a near 50-year partnership

Reckless and irresponsible

Julie Ward says Labour must demand the government pushes pause on Brexit

Keep the European flag flying

Julie Ward on taking internationalism to the streets

Proof positive for Europe

Julie Ward asks why did we stay silent on the benefits of being an EU member for so long?

Leading not leaving

Why did it all go wrong? Julie Ward MEP on how Labour sent the wrong message to the voters in the European Elections