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Left populism: learning from the past, preparing for the future

Marina Prentoulis outlines key arguments and lessons for socialist strategy to be drawn from Spain, Greece and the Corbyn experience

Greek elections – SYRIZA down but not out

Marina Prentoulis says the defeat of SYRIZA is bad news for Greece and Europe but the party remains a strong centre-left force

Syriza wins but at what price?

Marina Prentoulis surveys the uncertain terrain left by Syriza's second election triumph

The Greek drama – the first month of SYRIZA government

Isidoros Diakides argues we must avoid talk of betrayals and acknowledge the new Greek government has won a breathing space

Greece must not stand alone

Frank Lee is encouraged by the landslide victory of Syriza in Greece but sees huge challenges ahead

Greek anti-austerity parties: Prentoulis in Chartist 272

As Greek politics again is shrouded in crisis, Marina Prentoulis' piece in the new issue of CHARTIST is a timely reminder of what real...