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Mixed fortunes: a letter from America

Paul Garver surveys US politics a year into Biden’s presidency

History’s trajectory

Glyn Ford on the threat of Cold War Mk II

US progressive change window closing

Paul Garver assesses the Biden administration eight months on

Lessons of Afghanistan

Don Flynn on the folly of foreign intervention

Stand by nuclear test ban

Fabian Hamilton on peace prospects in a world without Trump

The state of the union

Gary Younge looks at what influence the left in the US will have now and sees a political resolution of the American Civil War still being played out

Biden in the UK

Glyn Ford questions whether Johnson’s UK will be back of the queue or in the game at all

Biden wins but US still on edge of precipice

Paul Garver says the left must keep up pressure for progressive agenda

Trump’s coup threat

Paul Garver on voter suppression, Democratic activists taking campaigning into their own hands to win in swing states, and the need for international solidarity

Back to the future?

Glyn Ford follows the unfolding US/UK conflict with China and examines prospects for a future war

Building on Black Lives movement

With Joe Biden choosing Kamala Harris as the first Black American female running mate, Paul Garver looks at the prospects for the Democrats and democratic socialists in the November elections