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Glyn Ford was an MEP between 1984 and 2009. He contributed to and co-edited the collection of essays, Our Europe, Not Theirs.

History’s trajectory

Glyn Ford on the threat of Cold War Mk II

Germany goes Green or goes nowhere? 

Glyn Ford examines the state of play for left parties in forthcoming German elections

A welcome requiem for the English Empire?

Glyn Ford on post-Brexit fantasies

Biden in the UK

Glyn Ford questions whether Johnson’s UK will be back of the queue or in the game at all

Back to the future?

Glyn Ford follows the unfolding US/UK conflict with China and examines prospects for a future war

Germany at the crossroads?

Compromises with the hard right AfD led to the resignation of Merkel’s anointed successor. Glyn Ford looks at the next steps for the ruling party

Seoul survivor

Glyn Ford on a South Korean success story

Brexit after Johnson’s victory

Glyn Ford says Johnson will be torn between machismo and pragmatism over Brexit