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Government talks big, acts small

Frances O’Grady outlines the TUC recovery plan to combat pay squeeze

Joining the dots on Labour and unions

Maria Exall says positive proposals for workers agreed at Conference need joined up politics to work

Women in firing line

Alice Arkwright says TUC research spotlights gender discrimination writ large in the pandemic

Can Labour control corporate power?

Bryn Jones sees limitations in Labour’s worker director model

Investment first to avoid economic crash

Paul Nowak on the challenges facing Labour and the unions with a new economic recovery plan In its 150th year, the TUC faces some immediate...

Tories renege on workers’ voice

Teresa May promised workers on company boards in her acceptance speech. The back-track wasn't long in coming   We have heard a lot about the Prime Minister’s...

Whose Company is it anyway?

The TUC's Janet Williamson puts the case for the voice of workers to be heard in the boardroom It is an important principle of natural...