What is Santa bringing Labour List for Christmas?

Trevor Fisher on things Labour List don’t want to talk about

Having had some difficulties in getting into the Labour List network – they have never run any of my pieces and stopped replying when I raised the issue of the Leadership rules, though Conor Pope of their editorial staff was on the Sunday Politics show I appeared on discussing the issue on Sunday 8th November – I tried another way in, looking at their fundraising events. Some very interesting Christmas Parties around, giving an unusual insight into Labour culture at the end of 2015 in London.

Looking at Eventbrite listings on 9th December, a range of events were listed starting at the low end of the market and going very high indeed.

Cheapest was Lewisham and Deptford with MP Vicky Foxcroft on 13th December, £5 admission at the Albany Cafe from 5.30 to 10. Very good value, but not clear how much food cost – obviously extra if provided.

Then for £15 on the 10th one could rub shoulders with Diane Abbot at the Hackney North LP, (99 Dalston Lane), concessions £12 at the Sway Restaurant. Again, not clear if food on top.

More up market, but more bangs for the buck, was the Tooting Labour Party With Sadiq Khan their MP, and of course London Mayoral candidate, so not surprising a little more effort to raise money, but a good value cast list including Heidi Alexander, Shadow Secretary of State for Health, Seema Malhotra Chief Shadow Secretary of State to the Treasury, and Stephen Pound MP, £40 or £175 for a table for five.

But nothing beat Labour List itself, running a – fundraiser purely to raise money, no seasonal spirit included, on 18th November at the Sway Restaurant (again) with the individual tickets priced at £50, Private Booth (sold out) £300, Small table (seats 8) £375, Big table (seats 15) £700, and the student ticket £35. Who’s going was not accessible – the site was having trouble accessing acebook. Only Sadiq Khan was speaking so not very good value for money.

But Labour List – claiming to reach over a million page views per month – are hiring a new staff writer and editor, so they need the money from their third fundraiser. Benefits reliant people not clearly on the radar here.

Maybe if they do get their new people on the payroll they might want to discuss Labour’s rules on leadership elections and other pressing issues? Though Andrew Grice was wrong in the Independent reporting that the NEC would discuss rule changes at the November meeting, it is clearly on the agenda. The Labour List web site has carried an article saying no changes are needed yet the Corbyn team are said to want changes, and the current rules are dangerously ambiguous. Why then are Labour List not willing to discuss the issue?

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