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Under the myth of ‘long Corbynism’

Trevor Fisher argues Keir Starmer is trapped in a Westminster bubble while trampling on member democracy

No Labour breakthrough in local elections

With Labour making only 22 gains in England, Starmer’s strategy is failing, says Peter Rowlands

Starmer’s imprint on Labour

Eric Shaw on why rule changes and bans have not enabled Starmer’s star to shine

Dropping the pilot

As Boris Johnson and chancellor Sunak receive police fines for Covid law-breaking, Trevor Fisher wonders if Labour can capitalise

Why is it so difficult to talk about China?

Jenny Clegg proposes it is time to not just talk about, but also to, China

Nuclear costs will swamp Labour’s green energy plans

Why Labour's green policies are fatally undermined by its 'nuclear first' stance, says Dave Toke

Gogglebox and what polling shows

Trevor Fisher says Labour would be foolish to take much from current opinion poll figures and voices concerns of a return to New Labour mark II

Where is Labour going on Ireland?

Geoff Bell says Labour should reject unionism and become part of the solution

Conference: policy-maker or media rally?

In late November, Peter Rowlands wrote to Labour’s general secretary, David Evans. He’s still waiting for a reply

The robots are not coming

Jon Cruddas defends the arguments in his recent book looking at the future of socialism and work

Is Starmer’s Labour centre-right?

A rightwards lurch to appeal to Tory voters would be electoral suicide, argues Trevor Fisher