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Duncan Bowie has been strategic planner for the London Mayor, a university planning lecturer and has published a number of books on housing and planning policy. He is currently co-convener of the London and Wider South East Strategic Planning Network and chair of the Highbury Group on Housing Delivery. He is Chartist Reviews Editor.

Their history

Duncan Bowie considers previous Tory divisions and sees nothing new about nationalism and protectionism

May Day Manifesto (1968)

The original draft of the manifesto was published in 1967, being revised for publication as a book by Penguin the following year. The original...

GE2019: the Labour Party Election Manifesto – a radical departure

Duncan Bowie says this Labour manifesto is reassuringly clear with a credible plan for a democratic socialist Britain in the world. Let’s get behind the policies

Perry Anderson: Problems of Socialist Strategy (1965)

This essay was published in Towards Socialism by New Left Review. Other contributors were Thomas Balogh, Robin Blackburn, Ken Coates, Richard Crossman, Andre Gorz,...

End the Corbyn fandom – towards a pluralist socialism

In the face of a hard-right Johnson premiership, Duncan Bowie underlines the urgency of Labour getting its house in order

April Carter: Direct Action (1961)

April Carter was secretary of the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War from 1958 to 1961, having previously studied politics at LSE and worked...

Ralph Miliband: Parliamentary Socialism (1961)

Miliband was a Marxist sociologist and political scientist who contributed to the development of socialist theory within the ‘new left’ in the 1960’s. A...

Anthony Crosland: The Future of Socialism (1956)

Crosland was one of a group of Oxford educated intellectuals, sponsored by Hugh Dalton, which included Roy Jenkins and Denis Healey, who sought to...

Just as we might be winning the anti-Brexit case

Duncan Bowie regrets the recent resignations Seven Labour MPs are resigning for very different reasons - some on the issue of antisemitism; some on...

Socialist Union: Socialism: a New Statement of Principles (1952)

Socialist Union was established in 1951 by contributors to the Socialist Commentary journal, which had been edited by Rita Hinden and other ‘reformist’ Labour...

Labour and Brexit: time to get real

While the Tories created the Brexit shambles Labour’s line on getting a better deal is unworkable. It’s time to come out openly and say...