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Mary Southcott is a member of Bristol West CLP and Chartist EB, and is secretary of the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform.

Global Britain versus the last colony

Mary Southcott provides a personal testimony on extending democracy and anti-colonialism

Democracy moves stalled at Conference

Mary Southcott reviews progress and tasks facing new democracy movement as Unite rejects the current system

Mo and Robin changing the political culture

Mary Southcott on how Robin Cook's and Mo Mowlam's personal qualities informed their support for electoral reform

On the side of democracy

Tory voter suppression versus democracy - Labour needs to take a leap of faith, says Mary Southcott

Finding my feminism?

Mary Southcott explores her feminism through the writings of two younger women

Turkey at the tipping point

Mary Southcott finds the boiling cauldron of issues, from war to migration to authoritarian repression, in and around Turkey require a new world order

Make Labour politics your politics

says read and respond to Labour’s new policy review. She highlights the area of local and regional government as a critical area for change

No more Labour red walls?

Polarisation into Brexit and Remain broke Labour’s coalition says, Mary Southcott. Now we need a constitutional convention and PR to reassemble common ground

Turkish ‘Peace Operations’

Mary Southcott says Turkey’s attacks on Kurds in northern Syria need to be seen in a wider context

Shifting the Paradigm

Mary Southcott argues that not only does our voting system warp our politics and divide our country but explains the narrow EU referendum victory...

2018: a year for celebrating and changing our democracy?

On the 100th anniversary of female (limited) suffrage Mary Southcott surveys the advances and limits of democracy in Britain Two words we should love and...