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Mike Davis
Mike Davis is editor of Chartist.

New economy, new democracy

Mike Davis reflects on the virtual Labour conference fringe and Starmer’s speech while highlighting key ideas for a future without the Tories

Test, trace, isolate, treat and build solidarity

Mike Davis finds the government playing catch-up with its pronouncements in the face of a devastating virus

Chartist 300 UP

Mike Davis, editor, on Chartist past, present and future

Labour beware false optimism

Labour squeezed through the middle of two Brexit parties to win the Peterborough by-election, but the European elections tell a different...

Million march for putting it to the people 

It’s time for Labour to create time for a public vote and prepare for elections to win in Europe, writes Mike...

Approaching B-Day

As we approach Brexit-Day Mike Davis says Labour needs to both embrace its public vote commitment and ensure reform and remain...

Martin Rowson reads ‘The Iron Mash of Anarchy’

Chartist's cartoonist, Martin Rowson, reads 'The Iron Mash of Anarchy' at Bookmarks bookshop: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAJ3DkOSr20]      

Chartist Editor’s Report 2018

Political context & Brexit Blues Brexit continues to dominate the domestic political agenda. This is the fundamental issue of a generation and probably the most...

Mike Davis on a message for May

We said it would be Tory own goals (Chartist 286, ‘Corbyn in Downing Street?’) and a steady consistent, straight-talking narrative from Labour that could...

Gunning for tax avoiders

As the United Nations agrees to convene a global conference on ending tax havens and tax avoidance Labour published the first stage of its...

Trump, white nativism and economic populism: a new (r)age for western politics

Trump's victory smashed Obama's blue wall. It demands the American and European left learn uncomfortable lessons  Throw it all out. The model and rule book we...